Stage Trip Industries

Who We Are

Life sometimes throws us a curve.  We like to call them opportunities.  Founder and lead engineer, Andrew Levin, started this work after a life-altering illness ended a previously successful electrical contracting business.  What would be the end of some mens story, became the beginning of his. With nothing left but passion and a dream, Stage Trip Productions was born.  Consequently, the people who have been drawn to stand with him are driven, passionate, and ready to make things happen.

The principle players in Stage Trip have been in and around the music industry for over twenty years, producing music festivals, concerts and other events, bringing experience as well as passion to the table.  These years of experience are matched by constantly updated technology and state-of-the-art production gear, creating seriously stunning live visual performances.

Since our inception, Stage Trip has been involved with the production of numerous charity events.   We have helped raise money and support for organizations such as Autism Awareness, The Jerry Garcia Foundation, Why Hunger, The MS Foundation, Hurricane Relief, Toys for Tots, Sandy Paws, and The Variety Club, among others.  We are passionate about such things as Holistic Health, Mental Health Awareness, Fibromyalgia & Auto-Immune Disorders, and are committed to bringing attention to these vital issues.

How We Do It

Each show is tailored specifically to the theme, design, and general concept of the event itself.   Utilizing the latest in intelligent lighting and projection technology, video mapping and 3D imaging techniques, we customize each show with corporate logos, band graphics, and “real-time” live video feeds. This combination of artistry, passion, experience, and science have come together to create Stage Trip Industries.

Stage Trip partners with a variety of talent, a pool of motivated professional and artistic people who truly love what they do.  Lighting and Video Production Artists, 3D Graphics Specialists, Installation Crews, Fire Dancers, LED Performers, and dozens of other crew members are required for a complete “Stage Trip Experience.”

Our team has culminated into a family of artists that devote their time, energy, and love to our shows, setting Stage Trip a world ahead of the competition.   Stage Trip has risen to the forefront in the Mid-Atlantic region, and is quickly gaining a reputation as the best in the business.   With the use of ever-progressing technologies and an artistic approach, Stage Trip is laying the foundation to be among the nation’s leaders in Staged Visual Experience.

The Mission

Stage Trip's family of artists and technicians have come together with a balance of skill, creativity, and good intent. Our Goal is to continue what we’ve begun, producing unforgettable shows and events while bringing attention to the causes that are dear to our hearts.
Stage Trip Industries ~ Saving The World ~ One Stage At A Time!

The Vision

Artistry, Passion, Technology and Human Interaction come together in the development of visually intense live entertainment experiences. The ultimate goal is to develop multi-dimensional, interactive, immersive audio-visual experiences, producing highly creative live events that support local art and ultimately provide a platform for the development of new and marketable visual production technologies.


  “It’s An Optical Soundsation!”

“The light show started and I literally felt like I was on another planet. Stage Trip Productions set a crazy psychedelic feel with a rainbow of lights and lasers. It’s something that you just have to experience.”

Sarah Waltman
Tri State Indie


“Yeah I’ll write a review… right after I finish mopping my face up off the floor. Thanks Stage Trip!!!"

Paul Black
Citrus Distress


“Really nice job, guys. You’ve far surpassed any expectations we had for visuals”

Jesse Soifer
The Blockley, Philadelphia


“I was proud to be part of the Stage Trip Team last night at the Samson Street Soirée. It was a great crowd, food, beer, music, sound, and light! Oh, did I mention the fire dancers and other performers?"

Michael Atteson
Stage Trip Tech


"Alright here's my Quote... Shit was Bananas, Awesome Job Guys!"

Jeff "Mudd" Mahajan
Turtle Soup


Stage Trip Industries

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