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Stage Trip is an event production and technical solutions company that specializes in stage lighting, video projection mapping, digital scenics, and visual effects. We provide a production quality, immersive, audio/visual experience like no other. Contact us and learn how we can make your next event one that they will never forget!

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Stage Trip Industries

A Full Service Visual Production, Films & Technical Solutions Company

~ Concerts ~ Clubs ~
~Arenas ~ Festivals~
 Stage ~ Atmospheric
Event Lighting
Projection Mapping
Digital Scenics
3D Visuals
Video Walls
Video Staging
Video Dance Floor
Live Video Streams
A/V Recording
Immersive Experience
Black Tie ~ Luxury
Brands ~ Fashion
Corporate ~ Private
Events ~ Conferences
Movie Nights
Interactive Displays
Tradeshow Exhibits
Custom Installations
Venue & Event-Wide WiFi
Wireless A/V Distribution