Stage Trip Productions has risen to the forefront in the Mid-Atlantic region, and is quickly gaining a reputation as the best in the business. With the use of ever-progressing technologies and an artistic approach, Stage Trip is laying the foundation to be among the nation’s leaders in staged visual experience.

“It’s An Optical Soundsation”


The principle players in Stage Trip Productions have been in and around the music industry for over twenty years. We’ve been producing music festivals, concerts  and other events, bringing experience as well as passion to the table. These years of experience are matched by constantly updated technology and state-of-the-art production gear, creating seriously stunning live visual performances. Each show is tailored specifically to the theme, design, and general concept of the stage show itself. Utilizing the latest in video mapping and 3D imaging techniques, we customize each show with corporate logos, band graphics, and “real-time” live video feeds. This combination of artistry, passion, experience, and technology have come together to create Stage Trip Productions, “An Optical Soundsation!”

A by-product of this partnership is the ability to combine unique skills and influences to provide the public with a professional yet affordable live music experience. Our goal is a stadium quality production for any sized budget, every time. Stage Trip Productions has gained the support of the their local music scene, chosen as the featured production company at Opple Topple Music Festival, Stir Fry Music Revival, Who Hill, and Jam at The Grove Music Festival, among many others.

Stage Trip Productions partners with a variety of talent, a pool of motivated professional and artistic people who truly love what they do. Video Production Artists, 3D Graphics Specialists, Installation Crews, Fire Dancers, LED Performers, and dozens of other crew members are required for a “Complete Stage Trip Experience.” For the last several years, our team has culminated into a family of artists that devote their time, energy, and love to our shows, setting Stage Trip a world ahead of the competition.

Andrew Levin, founder of Stage Trip productions was recently interviewed by Headspace Magazine. Check the article out here at: Headspacemag.com ~ Ahead of the Game


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