Stage Trip


Stage Trip Productions is an event production company that specializes in stage lighting and visual effects. We provide a production quality audio/visual experience like no other.

“It’s An Optical Soundsation”

070-Terror at Tower Farms Photo Hank FinkelCheck Out Our 2015 Promo Video…Click Here


Music rumbles through the night, flashes of light streak the trees along the path to the main stage, nervous hands grasp the fresh ticket stub. He recognizes the sound of his favorite band,  yet nothing can prepare him for what is just around the corner…

An explosion of sight and sound awaits!

“The light show started and I literally felt like I was on another planet. Stage Trip Productions set a crazy psychedelic feel with a rainbow of lights and lasers. It’s something that you just have to experience.”.                                           Sarah Waltman ~ Tri State Indie

A rough week wiped clean by moments of sheer bliss.

 As we like to say,…

                                 “It’s an Optical Soundsation”



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